Project Cell

Project cell help to standardize project management process, tools techniques and templates. A Project Manager/Cell maintains a repository project proposals, plans, status Report. By overseeing multiple projects he ensures the project comply with standards. The project cell improves capabilities in the organization by providing training, mentoring and coaching to personal to increase their competence and skills. Project cell conducts post project review to document the lesson learned and continuously improve the project management process.

The project cell has a systematic approach to various project in the organization. The project cell is responsible for their individual project outcome. While the management team provides the oversight and support necessary for collaborating project teams to succeeded. .

The Project cell helps everyone in the organization to develop the skills and knowledge to run the firm. The cell provides the guidance how to  do the schedules, allocate resources efficiently produce status report generate project plan, document and get approval. .

The project cell prepares projects in Animal Husbandry, Tribal Development, Agriculture and Allied activities. The project team visits individual farmer houses and explains the project and prepares a feasibility report based on the visit. Based on the report the team prepares individual bankable projects to farmers and JLGs for bank submission. .


Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)