Malabar Meat


Kerala is the most ideally suited district  for the meat development sector. More than 95% of Keralites  are meat consumers  having no taboos or sentiments regarding  the type of meat consume.  The high literacy rate, improved  socio-economic status and measured awareness about  the nutritional requirements for healthy living are some of the reasons for increased  consumption of meat and meat products in Kerala.  It is estimated that 15 lakhs cattle, 3 lakhs pigs and 250 lakhs poultry are slaughtered in Kerala.  90% of the slaughtering is not scientific and only few number of meat process industry is work.  There is immense potential for domestic as well as export market.

Wayanad is one of the most suited district in Kerala for meat production due to  the geographic and climatic adaptability, availability of natural graze area, availability of fodder, intensive agricultural activities, human resource for rearing of animals etc.  The problems in agricultural sector demands the needs for alternative source of livelihood.  Dairying and Animal Husbandry is the best option to overcome  the situation of distress.

In GO(MS) 97-99/AD dated 31-03-99 Govt had accorded sanction for the establishment of a modern slaughter house and meat processing unit (Item No 5).In the light of this sanction  a comprehensive project for the above was submitted to the State Planning Board and sanction accorded for the implementation of the project. The society has taken up  the establishment of an ISO 22000 designed Modern Meat processing factory of 15 MT capacity /shift in Nenmeni Grama Panchayath of Wayanad District , with people participation, assistance from Govt, through RSVY fund and RIDF fund of NABARD.



  • To improve the living conditions of the farmers in Wayanad.
  • To generate self employment to the farmers and tribal population.
  • To augment meat animal production
  • To produce hygienic meat & meat products and market the same in the domestic market.
  • To protect and promote the health of the consumers by providing healthy nutritious meat & meat products.
  • To develop fodder cultivation
  • To provide scientific training for the unemployed youth in value addition, slaughter operations, byproducts utilization.
  • To market branded specialty meats.
  • To improve the financial viability of the meat sector.
  • To provide infrastructure facilities for research, teaching and extension activities for the students and faculty of the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Pookote.

Unique Features of the Project

  • Asia’s largest multispecies abattoir
  • India’s first ISO-FSSC 22000 standard based designed meat plant.
  • India’s first farmers collective in meat industry
  • Forward and backward linkage
  • Technical support from Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University and Animal Husbandry Department, Dairy Development Dept and KVK.
  • Linkage with various institutions
  • Procurement through Brahmagiri Farmers Society
  • NABARD Supported


To attain food security and provide lively hood to the actual producers.


  • To attain food security in milk and meat production along with agriculture & allied activities with international standards in a sustainable manner;
  • To create and protect employment & Income through the mobilisation of the actual producers, peasants & workers in to Collectives;
  • To protect the interest of consumers by breaking the monopoly control in the value chain.
  • To impart traditional & Modern Technologies to the actual producers and the other stake holders
  • A sensitive and democratic approach to the natural resources.
  • To co-ordinate various agencies for sustainable development

Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)