Listeners Choose the Top Energy Storylines of 2020, Inside Google's Quest for 24/7 Clean Energy at Data Centers, The Surprising Ways America Can Hit Net-Zero Emissions by 2050, Schneider Electric Unveils the Energy Center for Distributed-Energy-Enabled Homes, Ørsted Joins Efforts To Develop Offshore-Wind-to-Green-Hydrogen Tech, New Jersey Approves PSE&G’s $778M Smart Meter Rollout, Nuclear Enters 2021 With Buoyant Global Outlook for Small Modular Reactors, Kauai to Hit 80% Renewable Power With Solar-Charged Hydro Storage, MIT Study: Transmission Is Key to a Low-Cost, Decarbonized US Grid, WeBoost Helps Longroad Energy Unlock $430,000 in Annual Revenue from Acquired Wind Plant. In particular, these ten competencies, attitudes and knowledge areas define three high-level dimensions of performance: We calculated the aggregate 20|20 Skills profile for an elite sample of “superstar” CCOs for which AETHOS had first-hand knowledge of outcomes. The CCO is typically one of the top-level executives responsible for developing, designing, and approving its commercial strategy. The global smart-grid market is expected to cumulatively surpass $400 billion worldwide by 2020, according to GTM Research. Undoubtedly, CCOs need a threshold of experience to be successful. The CCO/CRO can take the weight of developing and implementing commercialization strategies, quarterbacking critical deals, and making strategic sales pivots to capture last-minute opportunities. After several more rounds of VP of sales candidates, it became clear that the professional experience Mohseni could provide Varentec beyond execution was highly desirable and worth more consideration. Check out all of our energy storage resources. [Illustration by Greg Kletsel] By Matt McCue 1 minute Read. As Chief Commercial Officer, Wandell will lead marketing and revenue generation across all BSE Global properties, including the Brooklyn … Students who searched for Chief Commercial Officer vs. Chief Marketing Officer found the following information and resources relevant and helpful. The chief talent officer is tasked with identifying new perks through the company’s culture and brand a strong EVP. Beyond commercialization, CEOs have many other responsibilities during this critical growth time, not the least of which is fundraising. President & Chief Commercial Officer, Hyperwallet Peter provides executive support to sales and customer management. One of the latest CxO titles that came up is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). They are also self-driven, strategic individuals with a good capacity for team-building, respect and sensitivity to others. • Takes specific steps to increase growth and profit, prioritizing new account acquisition and market development. Free intelligence and insights from industry experts and leading companies on the global energy transformation. But this growth is not happening five years from now; it’s happening today. In the market today, we are seeing smart grid CCO and CRO salaries ranging from $230,000 to the high $285,000, with signing bonuses from $50,000 to over $150,000. Batteries are helping to optimize the power grid and opening up new applications and services for utilities and service providers. By hiring Mohseni in a C-suite role that encompassed operations, sales and marketing, Varentec was able to secure a stellar executive who could fill in the gaps they had, while also driving continued revenue growth. The Rise Of The Chief Talent Officer. The customer’s voice has a new champion sitting at … The Grid Edge comprises technologies, solutions and business models advancing the transition toward a decentralized, distributed and transactive electric grid. The New Leaders of Innovation in Health Overwhelmed by lifestyle- and age-driven burdens and suffering from diminishing resources, many health systems, care institutions, structures and practices are straining to even maintain let alone improve outcomes. More and more emerging smart-grid companies are realizing what Stem and other innovative companies have deduced -- that taking full advantage of a late-stage startup’s growth years requires sales leadership that can orchestrate a variety of revenue-generating operations that resonate with the customer. Paige Carratturo is the founder of Enertech Search Partners. In simple principle, this means being responsible for aligning commercial strategy and the development of an organization, but in practice it entails a myriad of competencies and activities tied to marketing, sales, product development and customer service, which when properly integrated, drive business growth and market share. New Power Center Seen Emerging in C-level Suite with Rise of Chief Commercial Officer Organizations looking for single executive leader at right hand of CEO whose sole job is to drive growth and ensure integrated commercial success, Heidrick & Struggles reports July 29, 2009 The CCO has become the liaison between a brand and its customers. Along with this growth, this industry, like other technology-driven sectors, is starting to see the lines between marketing and sales blur as firms try to stay one step ahead of market shifts and fierce competitors. All Rights Reserved. It’s a trend building in solar and energy storage markets as well, with CCO roles found at Yingli, Stem, Soligent, NEXTracker and Advanced Microgrid Solutions, to name a few. “A successful CCO...facilitates the CEO’s focus on fundraising and market evangelizing during these high-growth years of a company.". Varentec agreed that he was perfect for ensuring they could meet their sales goals today, as well as four years from now. De Gracia will lead teams that support core business functions and serve as the internal strategist for driving current and future growth. Andrew Hazelton, Philadelphia Managing Director, OTHER ARTICLES BY Andrew Hazelton, Philadelphia. CEOs can and do perform both responsibilities, but dividing their attention between overseeing commercialization strategies and closing funding rounds can slow a company’s ability to grab market share before it reaches the end of the runway. A 2009 article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive was perhaps the first authority that began publicly highlighting the increased emphasis and value-proposition of having a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in the C-Suite. Although this trend likely will continue, we anticipate a shift in leaders coming from functional verticals that are closer to consumers. Specifically, we found that effective CCOs tend to be strong generalists across Execution, People and Cognitive skills and are seen to be highly versatile. Thus, for many companies, a CCO or CRO can be the best-kept secret of success during early commercialization. All rights reserved. A strong VP of sales is deft at driving the team toward reaching preset targets, with predetermined customer audiences. Many well-meaning and rationally planned interventions struggle to make a significant or lasting difference. However, the VP of sales position, as it was defined, was too small to take advantage of all the operation and leadership expertise Mohseni could bring to the company, so Varentec kept looking. November 2, 2020 in Business, Management & Organization CCO stands for the Chief Commercial Officer, sometimes also referred to as a CBO. It also gives CEOs another informed voice to help shape an organization ‘big picture,’ as well as a new right-hand leader for all the company’s consumer-facing activities that stem from the strategic vision. The result is a data-driven success profile that hospitality-driven companies and cultures can hire and train against. “Transforming into a high-functioning commercial organization requires a strategic vision for how sales, marketing, policy and product management come together in complete alignment with the voice of the customer,” said Stem CCO Karen Butterfield. The average salary for a Chief Commercial Officer is $208,484. Trying to find the balance between commercial free posts, keep-the-lights on posts, and hybrid posts is always a challenge. © 2021 Greentech Media or its affiliated companies. Placing a CCO/CRO at the Series B stage can be a bold move, and it’s one that pays dividends for the forward-thinking companies willing to be leaders in the market. CCOs/CROs can be more hands-on earlier in the company’s development and shape the short- and long-term commercial strategies, versus only reacting to the immediate opportunities in front of them. The wind industry is in a period of intensifying competition and shifting demand that requires a multi-faceted view of the global market. Yet in an early-stage company, even the top talent in this field must often still depend on the CEO to design and define the go-to-market strategy to begin with. To protect against future disasters, cities are adding a new job to their governments. Unfortunately, at the same time, the majority of these companies are still labeling this role as a VP of sales. Chief Commercial Officer Job Description Template. Jim Herbold, Infer April 26, 2015 8:00 AM Marketing. Over the last decade, the introduction of the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for companies both small and large has resulted from the need to help businesses harness the entire commercial power of the organization. Katapult Holding Inc. has named Rolando De Gracia as chief commercial officer for the secondary financing company effective Dec. 1. As the Internet has grown and opened up new avenues for organizational expansion, more companies are finding the need for chief commercial officers with a strong marketing background to … At the same time, they can attract the "A players" who are hungry to take new companies to extraordinary heights. We also predict that in due course – maybe over the next five years or so — we will see increasingly more Chief Commercial Officers move into CEO or President roles. As roles and responsibilities shift, newcomers are often met with resistance. Additionally, our analysis indicates that CCOs readily have the overall skill-set and DNA to transition to the top role – assuming they are proactively groomed to handle the many subtleties, pressures and issues of executive presence that come with the CEO title. BILLUND, December 21, 2020: The LEGO Group today announced the appointment of Colette Burke as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer effective January 1, 2021.. Colette joins the LEGO Group from consumer electronics company, Bose Corporation, where she was Vice President Global Sales. The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer [This post is part of Creating a Customer-Centered Organization.] Defining the Chief Commercial Officer Profile. The rise of the Chief Revenue Officer: Silicon Valley’s new secret sauce. So, what does the future hold for the Chief Commercial Officer? Or cryptocurrencies, from Scott Minerd, chief investment officer with Guggenheim Investments: “Bitcoin’s parabolic rise is unsustainable in the near term.” The job is simply to drive growth and ensure integrated commercial … Another title that causes confusion is a Chief Revenue Officer. Visit PayScale to research chief commercial officer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. However, the trend is growing to hire this strategic leader earlier, often during the Series B round. As the demand for Cannabis 2.0 products continues to rise, Aurora Cannabis announced the appointment of Miguel Martin as its new chief commercial officer. The Rise of the Cleantech Chief Commercial Officer The global smart-grid market is expected to cumulatively surpass $400 billion worldwide by … This doesn’t necessarily mean we will see every company adopt the CCO role, but we believe that a greater number of organizations will move in this direction to establish a true keeper and strategist for commercial functions. Find and apply today for the latest Chief Commercial Officer jobs like Senior Commercial Officer, Commercial Officer … A chief commercial officer is responsible for overseeing product liability issues. Yesterday it was reported that the Chief Commercial Officer of Kosmos Energy (KOS), Christopher James Ball, exercised options to sell 28,132 KOS … The Rise of the Cleantech Chief Commercial Officer. In doing so, the CCO drives an organization towards the personalized wants and needs of its customers. Go deep on GTM's hottest topics. An Insider View: What Keeps Hospitality Leaders Up At Night, Rethinking the Nature and Relevance of 'Legacy', A Look Ahead - The Lodging Conference 2019. In doing so, they have the opportunity to optimize their team to take full advantage of their growth potential. The CCO is the new, holistic internal strategist and external spokesperson that CEOs lean on for how the company should interface with its customers to drive growth. In 2008, it quadrupled. While it may sound like there is some crossover, what a CCO does is oversee the establishment and execution of commercial strategies, a Chief Revenue Officer is in charge of calculating and improving/enhancing a company’s revenue. In a way, they are a bridge between the CEO’s commercialization vision and its execution in real-world situations, particularly in the absence of a COO. Commercial Execution: As the Chief Commercial Officer of a company with tremendous growth potential, the CCO: • Acts to beat revenue goals, seizing opportunities to push the envelope and take on new commercial options. They too have the strong generalist skill-set, accompanied by a decidedly strategic acumen. Thus, the typical VP of sales position is starting to take a backseat to the rise of the smart grid chief commercial officer (CCO) and chief revenue officer (CRO). Smart-grid companies like Vigilent and Varentec have utilized the CCO role to great effect in recent years. In cleantech commercialization, from solar to grid edge, companies need to expand their lens to encompass a chief commercial or chief revenue officer early on. Among the first round of candidates presented was Mehrdod Mohseni, then CEO at UISOL, an Alstom Grid company. As hospitality organizations pivot and hone their overall commercial strategy in this ever-changing and consumer-driven industry, the CCO must ensure that the organization likewise follows suit to build and sustain an organizational and culture that adapts to these market forces. The Rise Of The Chief Resilience Officer. Traditionally, companies wait until their commercial operation is more mature (post-Series C) to secure a CCO/CRO. Redefining the VP of sales function into a CCO role can make the position more attractive to the "A players" with the combination of product, sales, commercial, and regulatory experience, and those who’ve also already held VP of sales roles. The chief commercial officer (CCO) (sometime referred to as the chief business officer) is an executive-level role, with the holder being responsible for the commercial strategy and the development of an organization.It typically involves activities relating to marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share. Later, other positions, such as the VP of sales, can be filled to assist the CCO/CRO in building out the strategy and implementing it as the company scales. 12 January 2018, Shannon Ireland Declan Kelly has been named Chief Commercial Officer for GECAS. In its white paper, 'The Rise of the Chief Commercial Officer,' the executive search firm says it has seen a 'dramatic increase' in organizations looking for a single executive leader at the right hand of the CEO. Most recently, Enbala attracted Trent Bowers away from Landis+Gyr. For any technology, the market is constantly shifting to match the source of demand and gain a competitive edge, and hiring strategies are no different. To navigate this new landscape, there’s a new seat at the C-suite table, and it belongs to the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). The number of “CCO” appointments has globally slowly risen from five in 2001 to 56. A 2009 article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive was perhaps the first authority that began publicly highlighting the increased emphasis and value-proposition … Creating a new role in the C-suite isn’t always seamless. In this newly created role, Declan will lead all originations activities for GECAS’ fixed wing aircraft and is responsible for the commercial strategy, building synergy and share practices between GECAS’ regions. Policy & regulation are aligning with renewables cost declines to make projects more profitable and portfolios more sustainable. The aim is to better harness the entire commercial power of an organization and brand. He is responsible for … The Rise of the Cleantech Chief Commercial Officer Published on October 14, 2015 October 14, 2015 • 21 Likes • 0 Comments 391 Chief Commercial Officer jobs and careers on totaljobs. Ireland’s chief medical officer has expressed concern at the continued rise of coronavirus case numbers and hospitalisations. By moving away from a traditional structure where both the sales and marketing functions are bifurcated and instead bringing the functions together under a single point of leadership, businesses are more efficiently and effectively connecting the dots and thus aligning priorities and objectives. The Rise of the Chief Growth Officer It sounds like a made-up title, but it's the real thing Companies are starting to look at the marketing role, if not department, through different lenses. This has them being passed over by candidates perfect for the job, but who are looking for something larger than just another VP of sales role, and attracting those who just don’t measure up to the expanded requirements. They ideally are well-versed in all facets of the commercial side of our business and have the business acumen to develop and execute strategic initiatives across multiple disciplines and layered stakeholders. At the beginning of this year, Varentec asked us to find them a stellar VP of sales. Organizations are increasingly handing their CCO’s global responsibility for four major verticals – global sales, revenue and distribution, e-commerce, as well as brand and marketing communications. This role has complexity, nuance and diversity that transcends that of a President, Vice President or even Chief Operating Officer. Heidrick & Struggles says a new power center is emerging in the C-suite -- the chief commercial officer. The average salary for a Chief Commercial Officer in United Kingdom is £116,485. Establishing the CCO/CRO position early (in lieu of filling a VP of sales) can set up Series B companies for greater success in the long run. Yet, like any senior level role, having the optimal mix of core competencies is imperative – albeit not always recognized or well defined. CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER This is an executive-level position whose occupant is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the company. Additionally, in our view, Mohseni’s background as a divisional CEO provided the company with a leader who could fill in the operational gaps that would normally fall under a COO as needed in the short term. Chief Commercial Officer Vs Chief Revenue Officer. The Future of the Chief Commercial Officer. Today, new opportunities require an integrated commercial approach, and leadership roles that combine these activities are increasingly prevalent. These highly qualified men and women know how to manage effective sales teams, support them with execution tactics, and step in at key points in the sales process to ensure that deals close. It is worth noting is that this CCO profile mirrors that of effective CEOs. Commercial Real Estate. In the traditional sense, the VP of sales role is about execution. The responsibilities for the role will involve activities relating to marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share. That’s an average compound annual growth rate of over 8 percent. The new CCO at Varentec is a perfect example. Visit PayScale to research chief commercial officer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Historically, the CEO or President seat comes from the operations or finance side of the business. Copyright 2017 Core 7 Consulting Group LLC. The role can be notoriously difficult to fill with a “superstar” because it demands a professional with domain knowledge of the relevant field combined with strong marketing, financial, business development and technology skills. He had been on our radar as an impressively qualified candidate, and we knew he would move given the right opportunity. Responsibilities: Support the Director of New Channel Development in developing and driving the group’s Global Accounts business; The rise of the Chief Growth Officer is an extension of that trend.” Know your business. Arguably the role becomes even more specialized in the hospitality industry, whereby internal and external brand promises hinge on a dedicated people-first mentality. We curate our best reporting on the most salient trends in the industry. More and more, CEOs need a single point of contact on the commercial side: someone who can manage innovation, product development, marketing and sales -- on a large scale, across all platforms, in both the digital and bricks-and-mortar realms. They are characterized by high Service Orientation, strong analytical and numerical Problem Solving, ample Humor that promotes resilience and perspective, as well as Leadership that is grounded in a “servant” mindset – i.e., those who define personal success as their ability to make others successful. Our company is looking for a Chief Commercial Officer to join our team. Khosla points out that, contrary to popular belief, the role of CGO does not necessarily require a marketing background. The CEO of cleantech recruiter Enertech Search says a CCO or CRO can be the best-kept secret of success during early commercialization. Additionally, companies can sweeten the deal and secure in-demand candidates quickly by offering equity, and additional bonuses to protect candidates from pending commissions they may lose by switching companies. Regardless of the type of article, my goal is to always try and make every article as interesting as the topic allows. Leveraging AETHOS’ proprietary psychometric assessment – 20|20 Skills – we can gain insights beyond traditional and outdated personality testing to measure ten core competencies that predict executive-level success. Companies have been feeling it over the past two years. America's Drastic Shift: What Are the Paths for Energy and Climate?
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