Vision and Mission


  • Attain food security in milk and meat production with international standards, in an economical and sustainable manner.
  • Create rural employment and protect the interest of consumers.


  • Enhance production and productivity in Dairy, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture sector and there by assure income generation among peasants in Kerala.
  • Give emphasis on NRM activities, procurement, processing, value addition and marketing of agriculture, AH and Dairy products in a scientific and innovative way.


Establishment of Dairy Training Centre

  • Establishment of Dairy Training Centre
  • Setting up of community milking centres
  • Fodder Production
  • Distribution of milk cows
  • Establishment of modern slaughter house and meat processing unit
  • Construction of cattle sheds
  • Construction of Bio gas units
  • Setting up of cattle farms
  • Paddy, Coconut, Arecanut and various hill produce processing units.
  • Research and development.
  • Handicraft
  • Other socio-economic activities



Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)