Extension Activities

The extension activities of the society are now being carried out through Brahmagiri facilitators, who are working at Grama Panchayat level and external faculties of Dairy co-operative societies and other insititutions. House visits, conducting farmers contact programme, seminars, demonstrations, milk collection centre visit etc. are their primary duties.


During house visits, BDS facilitators collect important details of the family, such as primary facilities, economic, agricultural and educational status, dairying etc in a specified proforma. This helps the society to make available necessary assistance to the deserving population. In addition to this, entire family members are given awareness by the facilitators with a view to make desirable changes in their socio-economic condition. Tips on scientific cattle rearing practices, hygienic health practices in village condition etc., are also given. .


With the assistance of voluntary organisations and local self help groups, BDS is conducting farmer’s contact programmes regularly in villages to improve the socio-economic status of the farmers. In the remote and tribal pockets of the district, small groups are called at convenient places and discussions are conducted to impart information not only regarding agricultural practices, but also on social life and health aspects. In addition to these, the society organises meetings of women and tribal people with the help of above said organisations in the remote, hilly and tribal areas for interactive sessions. .


If the quality status of milk at the consumer level is to be assured, it is important that the initial bacterial quality of milk is better. So BDS facilitators frequently visit the collection centres of primary dairy co-operatives and give farmers tips regarding clean milk production, adulteration etc. This has resulted in a gradual reduction in the initial bacterial load leading to quality milk production. The need of hygiene is not properly cared by concerned agencies and so BDS, apart from collection centre visit has designed a comprehensive quality improvement programme in assosiation with people’s planning campaign. .


Seminars are arranged at different parts of the district in association with other development departments to impart knowledge to the public in various fields. Audio -visual aids such as LCD, overhead projector, slide projector etc. are used in the seminars. Dairy co-operative societies and other voluntary organisations actively involve in these seminars. Subjects of day-to-day need are given importance and they are dealt by experts. .


Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)