Biogas Plant Construction

Bio- Gas Plant construction

Bio- Gas is an alternative source of cooking gas . It is more relevant while the scarcity in regular supply of fuel gases prevails. The bio- gas slurry is a rich source of organic fertilizer and can increase the soil fertility and agricultural production. Brahmagiri Development  society provides the bio- gas plants since 2002 onwards . The society follows the standard model created by Deenabandhu and KYIC.


Merits of Bio- gas plants

  • Cooking gas
  • Imperishable energy source
  • Long life span
  • Low investment
  • Hygienic environment
  • Enriched organic fertilizer
  • Nature conservation
  • Easier management
  • Foreign money saving
  • Saving of fossil fuels
  • Free technical support
  • Assurance of sustainable agriculture

Bio – Gas technology has specially involved in the bio waste utilization in the place of origin . The food and other organic waste from ,homes, dairies, , hostels, restaurants and markets can be recycled and energy can be produced. The most important benefit of bio- gas plant is that it provides sufficient cooking gas and organic fertilizer to increase the soil fertility and thereby promote sustainable agriculture . Brahmagiri Development Society given a subsidy amount of 8000/ per plant. Society functions as a role model for the integrated development of the weaker sections of the society. Society aims the promotion of sustainable agriculture and alternate energy sources. Through the bio- gas programme, Brahmagiri Development society envisages the waste management , economic profit to small scale farmers and hygienic environment.

Brahmagiri Development Society constructs bio gas plants from 1 m3 size to 10 m3 size


Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)