Agricultural Sector


The name wayanad  itself was derived due to the extensive paddy cultivation. Now it has  remarkably declined due to the escalation of  cost of production, non-availability of skilled labours, change in climate, inadequate price, lack of procurement and marketing system etc. Rubber cultivation is extending day by day due to the better price and market, but it is not suitable to this climate and may lead  to the deterioration  of  the enriched bio diversity. Natural calamities, price crash, crop diseases, changing climate, low productivity, degradation of natural resources, debt trap  etc.  have drastically  affected the income and life security of the farmers.   Agro climatically the district is  suitable for plantation crops like coffee, pepper, tea, areca nut, cardamom etc. Ginger, turmeric etc are grown as intercrops. On the lower  reaches, banana, paddy and tapioca are the main crops. The largest area is covered by coffee  followed by pepper and tea.


Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)