Wayanad - Tribal Sector


In Wayanad the tribal population is more compared to other district.   All the Grama Panchayaths hold considerable number of tribes - Kurichya, Paniya, Adiya, Kattunaikka and  Uralikuruma . Kattunaikka  is the primitive tribal group engaged in  collection of minor forest produce for their livelihood . Kurichiya are settled agriculturists and majority of them own land and  cultivate paddy, pepper, coffee, plantain etc. But those belonging to the communities of Paniya, Adiya and Uralikuruma are landless and their main occupation is agricultural labour. The living status of these communities are quiet low  and they need infrastructure facilities, livelihood support, education, healthcare etc. Literacy rate among the tribal are very low.


Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)