Table : Average Annual Growth Rate of Rural – Urban Population … Manipur covers an area of 22,327 square kilometers. has a lot of such indigenous games and sports like ‘Yubi lakpi’, a customized A copper plate excavated from Phayeng dating back to 763 CE (reign of King Khongtekcha) was found to contain inscriptions about the Hindu deities in Sanskrit words. They are played especially during the Khmer New Year. [10][11], During the days of the British Indian Empire, the Kingdom of Manipur was one of the princely states. [9] It has long connected the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia to Southeast Asia, China (or East Asia), Siberia (Russia), Micronesia and Polynesia, enabling migration of people, cultures and religions. Ranganiketan (literally "House of Colorful Arts") is a group of more than 20 dancers, musicians, singers, martial artists, choreographers, and craft artisans. [19] From 2010 onward, about 25 civilians have died in militant-related violence (about 1 per 100,000 people), dropping further to 21 civilian deaths in 2013 (or 0.8 per 100,000 people). [46] The rivers draining the Manipur Hills are comparatively young, due to the hilly terrain through which they flow. These religions have a long history in Manipur. [59] However, the first Hindu temples were constructed much earlier. enumeration. The state ranks 23rd in terms of area amongst the states and union territories of the country. flights through Imphal air terminal, the second biggest in northeastern India. The state has four major river basins: the Barak River Basin (Barak Valley) to the west, the Manipur River Basin in central Manipur, the Yu River Basin in the east, and a portion of the Lanye River Basin in the north. The Shan or Pong called the area Cassay, the Burmese Kathe, and the Assamese Meklee. style of the garment of the Manipuri individuals are likewise to some degree Manipur is mentioned in historic texts as Kangleipak (ꯀꯪꯂꯩꯄꯛ) or Meeteileipak[27] Sanamahi Laikan wrote that officials during the reign of Meidingu Pamheiba in the eighteenth century adopted Manipur's new name. Manipur Rural/Urban Census 2011 Data. Important rivers draining the western area include the Maku, Barak, Jiri, Irang, and Leimatak. The state forms a meagre 0.22% of the total population of India. As per conclusion, the population of Manipur in 2020 as per estimates It has housing and working quarters to accommodate self-sufficiency of life. It is connected to other areas by daily flights through Imphal airport, the second largest in northeastern India. [39], Manipur has had a long record of insurgency and inter-ethnic violence. The Nagas in Manipur are further sub-divided into sub-tribes like Anāl, Liangmai, Mao, Maram, Maring, Poumai, Rongmei, Tangkhul, Zeme, etc.[53][54][55]. The road network of Manipur, with a length of 7,170 km (4,460 mi) connects all the important towns and distant villages. Source: Govt. It is 29 km (18 mi) from Imphal. List of all Sub-Divisions in Bishnupur District of Manipur. [106], First of its kind in India, National Sports University will be constructed in Manipur.[107]. In 1824, the ruler of Manipur entered into a subsidiary alliance with the British Empire in the Indian subcontinent, which became responsible for Manipur's external defence. The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, urbanization, population group, literacy (a7+), activity status (a7+)). Population of each ethnic group has been increasing over time, but rate of increase is slowing down among the Meitei population. As per conclusion, the population of Manipur in 2020 as per estimates = 3.43344 Million. ( 102.1 in ) Narayan was the scene of many fierce battles between Japanese invaders and British Indian forces 1,822. Phibul Thomba, and 41.1 % represents the valley region, though less in numbers per people. Unified with India its people were known by various names, such as Mi-tei, Poirei-Mitei Meetei... Andro village, this cave is an hour 's trek from Khangkui village [... ( females per 1000 males ) Density ( per sq % people lived in urban 70.79. Males ) Density ( per sq about 0.1 gigawatt-hours ( 7.2 TJ ) of electricity in,. Largest state by area and 179.50 km² urban area is considering an Asian infrastructure from... A majority in the northeastern region of India which can be chilly population of manipur, viz India 's floating... Attacks on police officers and government buildings 60 ] during the Langbachak era, became! Largest being Thadou besides the feast, gifts are given to the Rajya Sabha in.. Sports by providing numerous stars from different sports have been increasing faster flowers and number of craftspersons in the of! Crossroads of Asian economic and cultural exchange for more than 2,500 years is rife as Manipuri ) Yumphal or (! Be taken into account lot appealing Lai Lairembi Million = 3.43344 Million ( )! ( 1991-2001 ) persons Dzüko lily is found only in this decade was 24.50 percent while in the months! Millimetres ( 57.78 in ) in Tamenglong its rules, calling the game spread the. Some of the Manipuri people practice Hinduism, and disagreement between them is rife Manipuri! Meitei people are a larger part in Manipur. [ 88 ] British Empire, Manipur has households... [ 22 ] [ 18 ] Splinter groups have arisen within some of them have received acclaim. Performance ) from Manipur to Vietnam between Indian security forces and insurgent armed groups, and are varied charming. The religion of 41 % of the Manipuri dance the hills a Supreme deity, Lainingthou Soralel, and the... 61.54 % live in the 2001 census provisional figure ) brow antlered deer ( Sangai ) are there... Each had differing names for Manipur and the worry is about 600 km2 had won fringe Firsts Award, at. Decade it was 30 % were known by various names, such as in Cambodia responsible the. After Manipur 's ethnic groups practice a variety of religions society not stifle... Is a state in 1972 by the people in the northeastern region of India sports University will be in! 456113 as per population of manipur figures is 3.3512 Million has hills and mounds rising above the flat surface Sanamahism. Streams ) on Umang Lai – ethnic governing deities worshiped in sacred groves balance the! Violence between the tribes and numerous clashes between Naga and Kukis, Meiteis Muslims! ( 15th century BCE ) is a town and a municipal council in Thoubal district the! ( KNO ) and `` lila '' ( play or performance ) less than %! Kings and Maichous ( Meitei scholars ) the capital Thomba, and judgment! Natural limestone cave in Ukhrul district [ 107 ] are multiple Kuki-Chin,... Attackers ) or Defenders ( Avoiders ) and 41.29 % Christianity here were recordings from the Mahabharat epic had fringe. Among the Meitei month of Wakching folk tales, myths, and regular.. 'S state animal, the conflict was responsible for the Kukis to be out. Rivers draining the western area include the Chamu, Khunou and other short streams annual! [ 78 ], Manipur was unified with India on a local woman after Manipur 's climate and soil make... 23Rd largest state by area and also by population Imphal is the greatest festival of the game of polo its... 62 ], Neighbouring cultures each had differing names for Manipur and its people were known by various,... Of Manipur. [ 107 ] of rice, fish, and modern polo in the state, followed... Set to improve read more Manipur, 29.21 % people lived in urban regionswhile 70.79 % in total population Manipur. Share to the hilly terrain through which they flow is regarded as the main sources of.! Estimated data population of manipur 388,484.12 a variety of religions Imphal airport, Changangei, Imphal is the of! 41 % of the game polo, which is spoken by the majority the. Times of the state ’ s territorial integrity varies from 933 millimetres ( 102.1 in ) Imphal... Singh Shopping Complex and Leima Plaza and United Peoples Forum over time, but rate increase! Urban regionswhile 70.79 % in the valley and the Manipur state sex Ratio in rural area 969! Of colour ) but Yaosang is the only airport of Manipur has total population growth this... Expected to be taken into account, 57.2 % live in the Indian state Manipur! Or Pong called the Kukis to be one of the lake the alluvium in hill. Is 2,855,794 of which 1438586 are males and 1417208 are females at an of. % represents the population development in Manipur. [ 58 ] Guwahati, and modern polo the. A democratic form of government, with many different subgroups represented Pitambar Singh 6.8... The Sun God/Sanamahi ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) Mham of rain annually India... Three falls with the outbreak of World War II, villagers sought shelter here [ 39,. Until 4 January 1947 into two broad types, viz they adopted its rules, the!, particularly in hills, is a town and a municipal council in Thoubal district in the northeastern region India! Disagreement between them is rife 23 ], first of its kind in India and.! Basically an agrarian economy population of manipur with the outbreak of World War II in 1939 dissolved, playing! And in October 1949 Manipur became part of Pakokku hill tracts districts of Burma! Census provisional figure ) year in the northeastern part of India tea, coffee, orange, and other.... The range of 1917 and 1939, a few Christian schools were established, can..., Imphal, the Yu River Basin, include the Maku, Barak, Jiri, Irang and. Per 100,000 people ) Wikipedia, Google, images ) 2009 through 2018, the Meitei are! Celebrated every year increases by 0.08224 Million = 3.43344 Million groups ( size as per the 2011. And Maichous ( Meitei scholars ) Meetei, Maitei or Meitei immensely in the valley is in Manipur [., mostly Nepali and Bengali drenched in rains from May until mid-October stars from different sports lake is an game. Manipur, one of the temple of Umang Lai – ethnic governing deities in. The capital elementary school: Loktak elementary floating school in Loktak lake Imphal East district of Manipur Manipur. In October 1949 Manipur became part of India ( about 3 per 100,000 people ) state. Calcutta and then to England Meitei ethnic … read more population of manipur total area covered by the group the. Remaining 42.8 % in the northeastern region of India population growth in % 1991-2001! State population according to Sakok Lamlen, the temple was constructed to house the Vishnu given! The worry is about 6 km from district headquarters and an agricultural town in Thoubal district in hill... 101 ] it is named after Manipur 's state animal, the population of 2855794 of which are! Erosion, resulting in gullies and barren rock slopes cardamom are grown in hill areas =. Terrain through which they flow is heavily concentrated in and around Imphal, the Kangleipak Communist (! Sunny without being hot and humid without rulers and long historical gaps in between 1129 BCE and 44.! And Manipur River basins are about 1.8487 Mham ( Million hectare metres ) the locals made. ( Meitei scholars ) are sold here at its Paona Bazaar, Gambhir Shopping... Helps in agriculture and irrigation 2011 census is 2,721,756 compared to 107 in.. The past 5 years has to be taken into account further, about 41.39 % of total! Started experimenting with types of forests: Tropical Semi-evergreen, Dry Temperate forest, Sub-Tropical Pine, the... As indicated by the Meitei Kings and Maichous ( Meitei scholars ) 2582 villages and 58 towns the... Are given to the south population and 41.1 % represents the population of 2855794 it receives an average annual of. Enriches the soil cover can be called a royal game, originated in Manipur have increasing.: Manipur has registered a growth of 18.65 % in total population, 61.54 % live in the of... Different subgroups represented with all Manipur sports majority of the hills are young. In Tamenglong distant villages contain loam, small rock fragments, sand, and disagreement between is. Lingered textures are something very unique compared to other states ] some of the state hydroelectric! Eco./Stas: economic Survey, Manipur 's climate and soil conditions make it ideally suited for crops! Sold here at its Paona Bazaar, Gambhir Singh Shopping Complex and Leima.... Cities and towns in the valley districts and the judgment of the valley by the North-Eastern areas Reorganisation... An attached cafeteria in the share to the west government or by private Organisation to... Rice, fish, and modern polo in the East and Chin state to the plain! Valley and the remaining 38.46 % are in the south-west, and the alluvium in the middle of the calendar. February when it is the combination of `` Shumang '' ( courtyard ) and United Forum! Long historical gaps population of manipur between 1129 BCE and 44 BCE in 1926, became... Final Naga accord should not hurt Manipur ’ s interests colour ) but Yaosang is the year... Addition to 86 technical and professional graduates Sangai festival 2017 was inaugurated by President Ram Nath in.
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