Hydrogen Peroxide, nothing, Excel a wast of money. I immediately knew what it was because I’d seen this species of algae in our LFS. Here's what I found: What's the ratio for 6% bleach to water? Whole tank H2O2 treatments don't get much attention. I can concluded that removing co2, 50% weekly water changes and air pump at nights are a key factor eliminating BBA. I had some BBA a few months back, so I used that as an excuse get pressurized CO2. I wanted to see if it grew or spread after adding the CO2. Your email address will not be published. Anyone here have any knowledge? Turning off the filters does prevent H2O2 from flowing through the biomedia. Without that, there is only one place where high flow is occurring. Your email address will not be published. So far I've managed to kill the BBA (it turns pink), but the verdict isn't in on whether I'm significantly damaging the plant leaves. Name Email Message. After a few days, the mulm started to disappear on its own. Java moss was unaffected. There is no algae that causes me more grief than black beard algae aka BBA. I’ve also noticed that the H202 begins to lose its effectiveness once the bottle has been opened. I then began to add back prime treated fresh water. Alternatively, you could use an eye dropper or cue tip to apply the H202. Black Beard algae . Peroxide is the most effective way to clean and protect your zoas, and it keeps rapidly-growing algae at bay. I was about to give up and start all over again from scratch till I read somewhere that OXYGEN kills BBA, so I added air pump connected to a timer that starts exactly when the lights go off and stop when the light turn on. Now, I can tell you this method worked, but we did make some costly mistakes in the process. Regardless of the approach I use about 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide per 2 gallons of water. The first week, we did water changes every other day. Please note: … I had the tank back to capacity at about 45 minutes. I've never seen any adverse effect on the more sensitive inhabitants of my tank; including otos, cories, bamboo shrimp, ramshorn and pond snails. Member. Reply Like Reply. And I mean everything that I've read on all forums and others. I just dosed my tank 4 hours ago. There were a few small spots I missed, but decided to leave there as a “controll group”. I did not test the water parameters after treatment. I feel your pain. After hours of reading articles and posts in forums like the Barr Report, UKAPS, etc., we started the battle. If you have followed our journals about how we fought this battle to remove black beard algae, you already know that we used a pretty harsh treatment. :'(. My 3 zebra loaches were fine right after I did it. WARNING! After another 5 minutes (15 after beginning the spot treatment and 10 at “full strength” I began the water change. Member. SOS doesn't behave quite according to the rules. It finally started to look like we wouldn’t have to replace our hardscape after all. Nice green algae is growing where it should, water crystal clear, all the plants and stone are clean. But after mixing the solution, dip only the leaves of the plants in it. We also purchased a new family of Chile Red Rasboras. 2 external filter well equipped 1 solely with bio media and the other only with mechanical media. I've used this treatment many times over the course of the last year. They were swimming around and checking out the algae, but they were all dead 2 hours later. To strike a proper balance, it requires the correct levels of lighting, ferts, and CO2. Dec 18, 2019 . My wife has decided that she likes the Malaysian driftwood better than the original wood. Like I send in my original post that I tried everything. That's good, because we don't want the H2O2 to kill too much nitrifying bacteria, nor want the H2O2 depleted at this point in reaction with these bacteria. But this treatment can burn them badly, especially on sides exposed to direct flow. Your email address will not be published. When we were done nuking the tank, it was plain to see that we had covered all the algae with this mix because every bit of BBA was covered with bubbles. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Thanks for the comment Wendy, it’s good to know we’re not the only one to make that mistake. Last night I noticed that three reddish swords (maybe red Rubin?) If you have extra powerheads, add them. Before long, the little black dots started sprouting into tufts of what looked little black bushes. I don't think you have too many plants seems like they have room to swim. I would suggest you cut off any infected leaves, fix whatever is causing your algae, and your crypt will regrow healthily. In brief: It uses a properly executed H2O2 whole tank treatment, followed by a whole tank Excel treatment, to provide a much greater algicidal effect than either alone; without noticeably increased risk to fauna or plants. I have been struggling with this nightmare for almost 2 years now. I wish that video had been more specific. There were still spots that were purple, but clearly suffering. To answer your questions: 1. The H2O2 would kill it. I've got quite a bit of BBA in a tank and have used hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas. I've tried everything in the book to get ride of BBA from my tank but nothing works. Getting Rid of Black Beard Algae (BBA) on Driftwood. The “amount” that you should have used is equal to the dosage amount for the tank. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. For alternative methods and more information on preventions and identification, please read on So overall, I had about 30 minutes of “soak time” at full strength before I began diluting with the fresh water. It is commonly referred to as Brush algae because of its soft, fuzzy, hair-like filaments that grow attached to solid surfaces. Based on your information, we could probably use a little more. Thanks again for sharing. This is one of the most popular ways over the internet and it involved using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide which you can easily and cheaply get from your local drugstore. Over the years, the tanks have sometimes been quite laborious, so with our busy lives, the less time it takes to maintain our aquariums, the better. Beautiful tank! Which took a while, during which time I probably would have given up in frustration if I hadn't found a way to periodically eliminate it, without ripping out half my plants after each failed tank parameter adjustment. In fact, the answers are often conflicting citing variables like flow, nutrients, lights, CO2 i.e. It does a good job with algae and parasites. You can add algae eaters to the tank. After soaking, rinse everything thoroughly in freshwater. Black beard algae are one of the worst algae in the aquarium hobby because of how hardy, persistent, and stubborn it is. All plants in my aquarium grow well, but I wasn’t able to see the dying leaves. Keep that in mind should you decide to try it, and if you do, please share your results in this thread. Edit: Bleach dip is MUCH easier to find information on. I used exclusively plats in vitro so I watched them grow. At this time I consider my treatment possibly safer than AlgaeFix when a powerful full tank treatment is required, and certainly usable in more circumstances. I felt instant remorse afterward because of how our scape looked. Bombing a tank with large amounts of H2O2 and Seachem Flourish Excel is dangerous to the animals. In the case of green algae: 25 to a maximum of 35 ml of the 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide per 50 … Use a syringe or a spray bottle. Daily, double-dosing of Excel doesn't keep BBA at bay. 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. RyanD. The process we used to remove black beard algae We used a 50/50 mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and Seachem Flourish Excel. The BBA had turned a deep purple. I also started to dosing EI method including 50% weekly water changes but most of all I stopped using co2. I was upset with myself for following advice that went against my own common sense, and really upset (and embarrassed) that my fish and shrimp had to suffer. But as I started to trim my java fern last week, I had noticed inside the bush that there were brown plants that were deteriorating due to age and being shaded. For a while, my 10 gallon high-tech tank has been having a bit of BBA on the wood and rocks. Make sure to submerge the plants in the solution for no more than 5 minutes! Dec 18, 2019. Something more effective/safe? So one day, I started to vacuum my substrate to remove the mulm, and then I added a thicker cap of my sand in an attempt to cover the mulm. To prevent livestock loss its a ration of 1.5ml /gallon of H202 for the actual water volume in the system (not the rated tank size). Algae builds up some tolerance to Excel, similar to sensitive plants like Vals. Cameroon Moss, Fissidens fontanus “Phoenix Moss”, Riccardia chamedryfolia “Coral Moss”, Hemianthus callitrichoides “Dwarf Baby Tears”, Annubias Nana “Petite”, Cambomba carolinianas, Proserpinaca palustris L.”Mermaid Weed”, and Java Fern Lace “Windelov”, and a couple of other species of plants that I can’t think of right off the top of my head. Robert, you need to use the "1-2-punch" method. I added 10 Tbsp (2 per 10g @ 50g) of 3% peroxide to a glass, then added another 10 Tbsp of tank water, giving me a 50/50 mix of peroxide/water. Hopefully others can soon add their experiences. If you decide to remove black beard algae using this method, it will work. I am still not quite clear what’s stopped the BBA. We had problems with hair algae for a couple of weeks, but nothing we couldn’t eliminate. I then used a syringe to spot treat the worst areas with the mix. We wish you the best of luck removing this stubborn plague. We felt that to remove black beard algae completely, the driftwood had to go. I tried this “1-2-punch” this morning. Bear in mind that the more gentle plants (Japanese Moss balls being one) may take damage as … If I had to do it again, I would move my fish to another tank before I dosed the affected tank. Thanks for reading Susan, we are happy that this information was useful. So sorry for your loss. This method is often used for fungi treatment on new seeds right before their germination. How long do you wait between the First Punch of H2O2 and the Second Punch of EXCEL treatment? 3 mins; Anubias? This stuff smothered our mosses, covered all the plant stems, and started growing on our substrate. It can easily kill LPS and SPS. Every week when I do a water change and the water level is low I spray everything. After fighting with this algae for several months, we were considering just tearing down the scape and starting over. I know it is unorthodox in aquascaping to not use an EI dosing method while running a high tech tank. "NOTE: Others have reported deaths of shrimp, snails, and fish - particularly known sensitive ones. Just please, make sure that you pay careful attention to how much H2O2 you are using because it can be harmful or fatal to the animals. Background: 65g, I would say a medium plant density (mostly swords and Brazilian pennywort) Finnex planted+ 24/7, Fluval 306 canister filter and a small circulation fan. I’ve been digging around for more information, and many do agree that high organics lead to BBA. Several times I've also had fish severely stressed or killed by AlgaeFix, and although in the majority of cases this doesn't happen, I consider it a gamble. I have a cheap Koralia clone that with 1,320GPH flow, turned out to be too much for any of my tanks; but I keep it around because it's ideal for this treatment. While in all cases no adverse effects were observed, I cannot guarantee it to be 100% safe. Member. Otherwise, this is optional but still beneficial. Right away? Neon Blue Rasbora – The Perfect Blue Nano Species. I get BBA even though my pH and CO2 levels are kept steady via a pH controller. But the truth is, most people perform this treatment completely wrong. So the light has no effect, in the time scales we're working with. Algae is something that is easy to forget but your frag plugs are likely the number one source of introducing rare and very pesky algae species into your tank. You want as much flow as possible. While light does break down H2O2, this is measured in days - even in direct sunlight. The algae should turn red, then greyish white, meaning it has died. We kept forgetting to change the water. I hope that by sharing our experience, you can learn from our mistakes. Did you do a large water change after the algae was dead before adding your livestock back into the tank? We lost all but one of our Chili’s, our Nerite snails, and quite a few of our RCS. The only success I've had is with hydrogen peroxide particularly when I use it for spot treatments. It helps a little but it grows back in a week or so. For areas that can't be exposed, I deliver the hydrogen peroxide using a turkey baster with a thin straw attached to the end to give me more reach and precision. Moving on now. The Black Beard Algae was dying. I used to read the Barr Report every night, and I fully agree with Tom Barr’s research. Please comment below if you have any suggestions on how to remove Black Beard Algae that may be a little less harsh but effective, or how to prevent this from happening in the first place. Hydrogen Peroxide will kill algae. https://infolific.com/pets/freshwater-aquariums/hydrogen-peroxide-bba Great blog. Then on some of the rocks and substrate. Keep the lights on. Scrape out dead worms from the surface of the dip-cup. But it falls hard to the "One-Two Punch", and I relied on this treatment heavily when trying to figure out how to keep it from growing. I am happy to say that our Mr. Aqua 12 Long aquascape is clean and algae free, and has been for a few weeks now. Not any that I bought. One of the easiest and most effective is using 3% hydrogen peroxide, use 10 ml per 50 liters (15 gallons). Basically, our setup was a ghost town for a month while the BBA was dying. 4 years ago. If you have particular trouble spots, try to ensure they get direct flow during part of the treatment. By Marios Alexandrou on August 8, 2018. They say Siamese Algae eaters love the stuff. It spread too fast. But all of our Chili Rasboras were huddled at the top of the water in one corner of the tank. If needed, we were going to continue to spot treat with Excel and H2O2 until the BBA was eradicated. I feel like a slave to my planted aquarium. That did not work. Mix 25ml of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (pictured) with 75ml of tank water in a small container, deep enough to cover your zoa plug.
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