14 days in July-August.August-SeptemberSeptember-May, Narrow-leaved Plantain (Ribwort Plantain). Lowland to 530 m in Atholl (E. Perth) and 550 m in Co. Londonderry. 1 egg on oak or pine tree trunkHibernates in a crevice in the bark of the tree trunk.Moves out of tree to eat Dog Violet leaves.On rock or twig. Flowering Months Range. 0-610 m (Nenthead, Cumberland), and exceptionally at 845 m on Great Dun Fell (Westmorland). Clapham of University of Sheffield, T.G. Painted LadyLarge WhiteSmall WhitePale Clouded YellowClouded YellowBerger's Clouded Yellow, July-October.April-June or July-September.March-May or June-SeptemberMay-June or August till killed by frost and damp in September-November.May-June or August till killed by frost and damp in September-November.1 Month in May-June or August till killed by frost and damp in September-November, Adonis BlueChalk-Hill BlueCommon BlueClouded Yellow, 1 Month during Mid-May to Mid-June or during August-September.20 days in August.3 weeks in May-September.May-June or August till killed by frost and damp in September-November, April-June or July-SeptemberMarch-May or June-September, Pearl-bordered FritillarySmall Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Thistles - Creeping Thistle, Dwarf Thistle, Marsh Thistle, Meadow Thistle, Melancholy Thistle, Milk Thistle, Musk Thistle, Seaside Thistle, Scotch Thistle, Spear Thistle, Tuberous Thistle, Welted Thistle, Woolly Thistle, CommaPainted LadyPeacockSwallowtailClouded YellowBrimstoneSilver-washed FritillaryHigh Brown FritillaryDark Green FritillaryQueen of Spain FritillarySmall Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Lakes, Canals and Rivers. About Tom | Green University®, LLC 1 egg on stem or stalk near plant base.Feed on young leaves, stalks and stems---, July to hatch in 8 months in March.9 weeks ending in May.4 weeks, 14 days in July-August.August-September.September-May, Runner and Broad Beans in fields and gardens, April-June or July-September.March-May or June-September, May-June or August till killed by frost and damp in September-November. Hatches after 18-22 days in April.30 days in May9 days in June. Page structure amended October 2012. (Myosotis lingulata, Myosotis uliginosa, Myosotis laxa). Number of Petals List:-Without Petals. Thin the borage herb to at least 1 foot (30+ cm.) Mountain Bluebells. Borage is an annual in the Boraginaceae family. This annual weed is mostly found on well-drained soils in arable fields, but it also occurs near the sea on sandy heaths, in disturbed dunes and on waste ground. Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): https://doi.org/10.5642/aliso.... (external link) Click on Underlined Text in:-Common Name to view that Plant Description Page Botanical Name to link to Plant or Seed Supplier Flowering Months to view photos Habitat to view further Natural Habitat details and Botanical Society of the British Isles Distribution Map. Some contain volatile oils and may serve as an antidote to poisons by functioning as diaphoretics. Creeping Thistle, Dwarf Thistle, Marsh Thistle, Meadow Thistle, Melancholy Thistle, Milk Thistle. These families within that book will have their details described as shown in the next column starting from page 1 in February 2017 until all the families have been completed on page 307. Menus and Master changed January 2016. The placement of Boraginales, and relationships within the family have remained elusive in modern, broad phylogenetic studies. You can see how Borage families moved over time by selecting different census years. It is often naturalised, and sometimes regenerates from seed. borage [Borago officinalis] Kukumerkraut {n}bot.T Gurkenkraut {n} [Borretsch]bot.T borage oil Borretschöl {n}gastr. Cryptantha sp. From the Borage and Comfrey family Pulmonaria officinalis is commonl ... Two-coloured flowers can be seen at the same time, like the colours of the uniforms of British army (red) and navy (blue). Many members of this family have irritating hairs that may cause dermatitis on some individuals. Flower from Chatham in Kent on 8 September. WILD FLOWER Common Name INDEX link to Wildflower Family Page; then, Common Name to view that Plant Description Page Botanical Name to link to Plant or Seed SupplierFlowering Months to view photos Habitat to view further Natural Habitat details and Botanical Society of the British Isles Distribution Map, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Abura-na Acker-Hellerkraut Ackersenf Adder's Tongue Adder's-tongue Spearwort Agriao Alder Alder Buckthorn Alliare officinale Allysum Alpen-Gemskresse Alpine Arctic Cudweed Alpine Blue Sow-thistle Alpine Clubmoss Alpine coltsfoot Alpine Fleabane Alpine Forget-me-not Alpine Lady Fern Alpine Meadow-Rue Alpine Penny-Cress Alpine Rock-Cress Alpine Sow-Thistle Alpine Woodsia American Bellbine American Land-Cress American Water Cress American Wintercress Annual Delpinium Arragone Arrow Bamboo Asarabacca Ash of Jerusalem Atinian Elm Austrian Field Cress Austrian Yellow Cress Autumn Hawkbit Averill Awlwort, Gallant Soldier Garden Arabis Garden Cress Garden Golden-Rod Garden Radish Garlic Mustard Garlic Pennycress Gazon de Marie Gemeine Nachtviole German Tea Chamomile Giant Bellflower Giant Butterwort Giant Goldenrod Giant Horsetail Gibbous Duckweek Gillflower Glanz-Rauke Goatsbeard Globe Flower Gold of Pleasure Golden Buttons Golden Marguerite Golden-Rod Golden Samphire Golden-Scaled Male Fern Goldilocks Goldilocks Aster Goldilocks Buttercup Goldlack Goosegrass Goose Tongue gordaldo Grand Passerage Grauer Bastardsenf Graukresse Gray Northern Woodsia Green Spleenwort Great Bindweed Great Broomrape Great Duckweed Great False Leopardbane Great Horsetail Great Lettuce Great Sea Stock Greater Bladderwort Greater Dodder Greater Hawkbit Greater Prickly Lettuce Greater Spearwort Greater Yellow Cress Green Alkanet Green Amaranth Green Hellebore Green Houndstongue Green Pigweed Groundsel Grutzblume Gtodek Gymnocarpium robertianum, Ma chieh Madwort Magellan Ragwort Maidenhair Fern Maidenhair Spleenwort Male Fern March Everlasting Marguerite Daisy Marsh Arrow-Grass Marsh Bedstraw Marsh Clubmoss Marsh Cress Marsh Cudweed Marsh Fern Marsh Horsetail Marsh Marigold Marsh Ragwort Marsh Sow-Thistle Marsh Yellow Cress Mary's Cushion Mastuerzo Montesino Matronal Matthiole sinuee Mauer-Doppelsame Mauer-Felsenblumchen Mayweed May-weed Chamomile Meadow Buttercup Meacan-Each Meadow Cress Meadow False Fleabane Mediterranean Radish Medium-flowered Winter-cress Meerkohl Meerrettich Metake Mexican Daisy Mexican Fleabane Michaelmas Daisy milfoil Mithridate Mustard Mittleres Barbarakraut Mizu-Garashi Monkshood Moonwort Moretti's Sea Radish Mostarda-Preta Mostaza Blanca Mostaza Negra Mostaza Silvestre Mother's Heart Mountain Bamboo Mountain Bladder Fern Mountain Clubmoss Mountain Cudweed Mountain Everlasting Mountain Groundsel Mountain Male-fern Mountain Mustard Mountain Rock Cress Mouse-Ear Cress Mousetail Moutarde blanche Moutarde des champs Moutarde noire Mugwort Muli, Saat-Leindotter Sagesse des chirurgiens Saint George Saint Geourges Saint Jean Saint Martins Buttercup Salad Cress Plain Leaf Salad Mustard Salad Rape Salgam Salsify Sand Quillwort Sanguinary Santa Barbara Daisy Saracen's Woundwort Scaly Male Fern Scented coltsfoot Scented Mayweed Scentless Chamomile Scentless Mayweed Schmalblattriger Doppelsame Schmalwand Schwarzer Schwarzer Senf Scilly Buttercup Scots Elm Scottish Filmy Fern Scottish Wormwood Scurvy Grass Sea Alyssum Sea Arrow-Grass Sea Aster Sea Bindweed Sea grass Sea-green Whitlow Grass Sea Kale Sea Mayweed Sea Rocket Sea Radish Sea Ragwort Sea Spleenwort Sea Starwort Sea Stock Sea Wormwood Selada-Air Senf Senfspinat Sessile Oak Shady Horsetail Shaggy Soldier Sheepsbit Shepherd's Cress Shepherd's Purse Shepherd's Purse (rubella) Silver Birch Silver cineraria Silver Ragwort Simmara Simon's Bamboo Singer's Plant Siyah Hardel Skunk Cabbage Slender Bedstraw Slender Marsh Bedstraw Slender Wart Cress Small Alison Small Balsam Small Bladderwort Small Bugloss Small Bur-Reed Small Cudweed Small Fleabane Small-Flowered Buttercup Small-flower Galinsoga Small-flowered Land-Cress Small-flowered Wintercress Small Goosegrass Small-Leaf Elm Small-leaved Elm Small Male Fern Small Quillwort Small tumbleweed mustard Smith's Cress Smith's Pepperwort Smooth Bedstraw Smooth Catsear Smooth Sow-Thistle Smooth three-ribbed Goldenrod Sneezeweed Sneezewort Sneezewort Yarrow Snowdrop Snowflake Soft Comfrey Soft Shield Fern soldier's woundwort Son-before-father Sophienrauke Spanish Chestnut SpoonwortSpiked Rampion Spiny Annual Sow-thistle Spiny Cocklebur spiny cockleburr Spinks Spotless watermeal Spotted Catsear Spreading Bellflower Spring Quillwort Spring-Schaumkraut Spring Snowflake Squinancywort St. James' wort St John's Plant St. Sophia's Herb Stagshorn Clubmoss Star Duckweed Steinkraut Stengelum-fassendes Hellerkraut Sterile Watercress Sticky Groundsel Stiff Clubmoss Stinkende Kresse Stinking Chamomile Stinking Groundsel Stinking Hellebore Stink Weed Stinkweed Stoloniferous Pussytoes Strandrauke Strong-scented Lettuce Summer Snowflake Suterisi Swamp Lantern Sweet Alison Sweet Alyssum Sweet Chestnut Sweet Dame's Violet Sweet Flag Sweet Rocket Swinecress Swine Cress Swollen Duckweed, Bai jie Ball Mustard Baneberry Barbarakraut Barbaree Barbenkraut Barberry Barestem Bargeman's Cabbage Bastard Cabbage Bastard Cress Bastard Pellitory Bathurst burr Bauernsenf Bayirturpu Beach Wormwood Bedstraw Broomrape Beech Beech Fern Beggar-Ticks Behaarte Gansekresse Belle Isle Cress Bell Rose Berro Berro de Prado Besenrauke Big-seed False Flax Bird Rape Birthwort Bitter Cress Bittere Schleifenblume Black Mustard Black Spleenwort Bladder Fern Bloodtwig Dogwood Blue Anemone Blue-eyed-Mary Blue Fleabane Bogbean Blue Sow Thistle Bog Myrtle Borage Boreal Fleabane Boston Daisies Boston Horsetail Bourse de cure Bourse de Judas Box Bracken Branched Bur-Reed Branched Horsetail Brass buttons Brauner Senf Breckland Mugwort Breitblattrige Bristly Hawkbit Bristly Ox-Tongue Bristol Rock-Cress Brittle Bladder Fern Broad Buckler Fern Broad-leaved Bamboo Broad-leaved Cudweed Broad-leaved Ragwort Broad-Leaf Peppergrass Bronkors Brown-Leaved Watercress Brown Mustard Buchanweed Bulbous Buttercup Bulbulotu Bunias d'orient Butterbur Butterfly-Bush Buttonweed, Habb Ar Rashad Hairy Bamboo Hairy Bittercress Hairy Brassica Hairy Buttercup Hairy Galinsoga Hairy Rock-Cress Hairy Rocket Halim Hard Fern Hard Shield Fern Harebell Hartstongue hawkweed Hawkweed Ox-Tongue Hay-Scented Buckler Fern Heath Bedstraw Heath Cudweed Heath Groundsel Hederich Hedge Bedstraw Hedge Bindweed Hedge Garlic Hedge Mustard Herb-Barbaras Herbe Aux Charpentiers Herbe aux cuillere Herbe de Saint Barbe Hemp Agrimony Hierba De Santa Barbara Herb-Sophia Hierba del Ajo Highland Cudweed Highland Fleabane Hill mustard Himalayan Balsam Himalayan Bamboo Hirtentaschelkraut Hoary Alison Hoary-Alyssum Hoary Cress Hoary False Alyssum Hoary Groundsel Hoary Mustard Hoary Ragwort Hoary Stock Hoary Whitlowgrass Hohe Rauke Holly Fern Holm Oak Horse Chestnut Horse-Radish Houndstongue Hsi ming Hurf Al May Hutchinia Hutchinsia Hutchinsia alpina Hybrid Watercress, Nabo Nachtviole Narihira Bamboo Narihiradake Narrow Buckler Fern Narrow Cudweed Narrow-fruited Water-cress Narrow-Leaved Bittercress Narrow-leaved Eel-Grass Narrow-leaved Lungwort Naveterinary Nettle-leaved Bellflower Narrow-Leaved Pepperwort New York Aster New Zealand Bittercress Nodding Bur-Marigold Northern Bedstraw Northern Beech Fern Northern Buckler Fern Northern Fir-moss Northern Rock-Cress Northern Water Forgetmenot Northern Yellow-cress Norwegian Cudweed Norwegian Mugwort nosebleed plant, Tall rocket Tall Sisymbrium Tall Wormwood Tambouret des champs Tansy Tenby Daffodil Teraspic Thale Cress Thlaspi Blanc Thoroughwort Penny cress thousand-leaf thousand-seal Three-lobed Crowfoot Thread-leaved Water-Crowfoot Thyme Broomrape Todrilal Toothwort Touch-Me-Not Balsam Tower Cress Tower-cress Tower Mustard Tower Rock-cress Traveller's Joy Treacle Mustard Trifid Bur-Marigold Trumpet narcissus Tuberous Comfrey Tufted Forget-me-not Tumble Mustard Tumbling Mustard Tunbridge Filmy Fern Turkey Oak Turkish "Rocket" Turm-Gansenkresse Turnipweed Twisted Whitlow-Grass, Cakilier Camelina Camelina pilosa Cameline ciliee Canadian Fleabane Canadian Goldenrod Canadian horseweed Canapicchia glaciale Candytuft Canola Oil Plant Canterbury Bell Caquillier maritime Cardamine des pres Carraspique Carrot Broomrape catsear Cat's-foot Celery-leaved Buttercup Chalice flower Chamois Cress Changing Forget-me-not Charlock Ch'ing chieh Chimakizasa Chinese Mugwort Chou Choux-Marin Cleavers Cliff Clubmoss Clove-Scented Broomrape Clown's Mustard Clustered Bellflower Cochleaire cocklebur Coclearia Coeur de cure Col Marina Coltsfoot Columbine Colza Colza Oil Plant Common Amaranth Common Annual Sow-thistle Common Blue-sow-thistle Common Buckthorn Common Broomrape Common Buckler Fern Common Butterwort Common Catsear Common Chamomile Common Clubmoss Common Comfrey Common Cudweed Common Dodder Common Dog Mustard Common Duckweed Common Dutch Agrimony Common Eel-Grass Common Elm Common Fleabane Common Foreget-me-not Common Giant Mustard Common Gromwell Common Horsetail Common Lungwort Common Meadow-Rue Common Moonwort Common Penny-Cress Common Pepperwort Common Polypody Common Quillwort Common Ragwort Common Salsify Common Scurvy-Grass Common Spleenwort Common Wart Cress Common Water-crowfoot Common Whitlow-Grass Common Winter-Cress common yarrow Common Yellow Rocket Confused Michaelmas-daisy Copper Beech Coralroot Bittercress Coral-Wort Corn Buttercup Corn Chamomile Corn Cleavers Corn Daisy Corn Gromwell Corn Marigold Corn Sow-Thistle Cornish Bellflower Cotswold Penny-Cress Cotton weed Cottonweed Couve-Marinha Cranson Cranson officinal Creamy Butterbur Creases Creasy Greens Creeping Bellflower Creeping Buttercup Creeping Forget-me-not Creeping Spearwort Creeping Water Forgetmenot Creeping Yellow Cress Creeping Yellow Field Cress Cressen Cresson Cresson alenois Cresson d'eau Cresson de fontaine Cresson des fontaines Cresson des jardins Cresson de terre Cressonette Crested Buckler Fern Crisp Rockbrake Crocus-leaved goatsbeard Crosswort Crowberry Crystal Carpet Cucharita Cuckold's Beggar-ticks Cuckoo Flower Cape Cudweed, Immergrunes Felsenblumchen Indian Balsam Indian Fountain Bamboo Indian Posey Inflated Duckweed Intermediate Polypody Interrupted Clubmoss Inundated Clubmoss Irish Bladderwort Irish Fleabane Isle of Man Cabbage Italian Alder Italian Wild Radish Ivory Bells Ivy Broomrape Ivy Duckweed Ivy-leaved Bellflower Ivy-leaved Crowfoot, Oak Fern Oblong Woodsia Old-man-in-the-Spring old man's pepper Oranda-Garashi Orange Balsam Oregon Grape Oriental Borage Orientalis Rauke Ornamental Cabbage Ornamental Cress Ornamental Kale Oruga Maritima Ox-eye Chamomile Ox-Eye Daisy Oxford Ragwort Oxtongue Broomrape Oyster Plant, Ukonnauris Unbranched Bur Reed Upland Cress Upland Scurvy-Grass Upright Hedge Bedstraw, Daffy-down-dilly Daisy Damask Violet Dame's Rocket Dame's Violet Dandakorn dandelion Danish Scurvy Grass Devil's Beggar-ticks devil's nettle Disc mayweed Dittander Dogberry Dogwood Downy Birch Drave blanchatre Drave printaniere Dutch Rush Dune Cabbage Durmast Oak Dwarf Birch Dwarf Cornel Dwarf Cudweed Dwarf Eel-Grass Dyer's Chamomile Dyer's Weed Dyer's Woad, Jack-by-the-Hedge Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon Japanese Sweet Coltsfoot Jersey Buttercup Jersey Cudweed Jersey Fern Jersey Forget-me-not Jerusalem Ash Jerusalem Star Jewel-Weed Ji cai Jim Hill Mustard Jointed Charlock Johnny-go-to-bed-at-noon Joseph and Mary Juliana Julienne des dames Juniper, Pale Butterwort Pale Forget-me-not Pale Madwort Paris Daisies Parsley Fern Pasque Flower Passerage des Champs Pearl Everlasting Pearl-flowered Life Everlasting Pedunculate Oak Penny Cress Pennycress Peppergrass Pepperwort Perennial Cress Perennial Peppercress Perennial Pepperweed Perennial Sow Thistle Perennial Wall Rocket Perfoliate Pennycress Pestilence Wort Pfeilkresse Pheasant's Eye Pigweed Pineapple Weed Pink Shepherd's Purse Piperisa Ploughman's Spikenard Plymouth Pear Pond Water-crowfoot Prairie Sagewort Prickly Comfrey Prickly Lettuce Prickly Sow-Thistle Pszonak drobnokwiatowy Purple Beech Purple Clematis Purple Coltsfoot Purple Gromwell Purple Salsify Purple Toothwort Purple Viper's Bugloss Pyrenean Columbine, Variegated Horsetail Variegated Monkshood Various-leaved Crowfoot Vegetable Oyster Venus's Looking-Glass Verschieden-blattrige Kresse Viper's Bugloss Viper's Grass Virgins Bower, Early Adder's Tongue Early Cress Early Forgetmenot Early Golden-Rod Early Scurvy-Grass Early Winter-Cress Early Yellow Rocket Eastern Marsh Ragwort Eastern Rocket Echte Brunnenkresse Echtes Barbarakraut Elecampane Elecampane inula English Elm English Scurvy-Grass Erba Barbara Erbe Sophia Erismo Erva Adheira Erva-De-Santa-Barbara Erva-Pimenteira Erysimum European Goldenrod European Pellitory Evergreen Oak, Kasikotu Kelch-Steinkraut Khardal Aswad Killarney Fern Knapweed Broomrape Knoblauchsrauke Kresse Krodde, Wall Bedstraw Wall Daisy Wall Lettuce Wall Rocket Wall Rue Wall Whitlow-Grass Wallflower Wallflower Cabbage Warty Cabbage Watercress Water Crowfoot Water Forget-me-not Water Hawthorn Water Horsetail Wavy Bittercress Wayside Cudweed Weedy Cudweed Wegrauke Western Polypody Western Skunk Cabbage White Alyssum White Amaranth White Butterbur White Comfrey White Cross White Mustard White Pigweed White Tansy Whitetop Wild Arugula Wild Cabbage Wild Candytuft Wild Daffodil Wild Madder Wild Mustard Wild Pellitory Wild Radish Wild Rauke Wild Rocket Wild Roquette Wild Turnip Wild Wallflower Willow-leaf Lettuce Willowleaf Yellowhead Wilson's Filmy Fern Wieczornik Wiesen-Schaumkraut Wilde Sumpfkresse Winter Aconite Winter Cress Winter Heliotrope Winterkresse Woad Wood Anemone Wood cudweed Wood Forget-me-not Wood Goldilocks Wood Horsetail Woodland Ragwort Woodruff Wormseed Wallflower Wormwood Wych Elm, Fair-maid-of-France false dandelion False Flax False London Rocket False Mayweed Fan-leaved Buttercup Fan WEED Fat Duckweed Feld-Kresse Fen Bedstraw Feverfew Field Bindweed Field Cress Field Elm Field Fleawort Field Forget-me-not Field Gromwell Field Horsetail Field Madder Field Mustard Field Pennycress Field Peppergrass Field Pepperweed Field Pepperwort Field Sagebrush Field Sagewort Field Southernwood Field Wormwood Finkensame flatweed Fir Clubmoss Fleur de Nostra-Dama Flixweed Floating Bur-Reed Flor de pasque Forked Spleenwort French Meadow-Rue French Weed Fringed Quickweed Fringed Water-Lily Fruhes Barbarakraut Fruhlings-Hungerblumchen, Lady Fern Lady's Bedstraw Lady's Smock Lanceolate Spleenwort Land Cress Land Quillwort Large Bindweed Large Bittercress Large Cuckoo Pint Larkspur Late Goldenrod Lauch-Hellerkraut Lauchkraut Lauchrauch Least Adder's Tongue Least Bur-Reed Least Lettuce Leindotter Lemon-Scented Fern Lent cock Lent Lilly Lent Rose Leopardsbane Lepidio Least Duckweed Least Pepperwort Lesser Bladderwort Lesser Celandine Lesser Clubmoss Lesser Duckweed Lesser Hawkbit Lesser Meadow-Rue Lesser Spearwort Lesser Swinecress Life everlasting Limestone Polypody Little Clubmoss Loddon Lily Loffelkraut London Rocket Long-Leaved Scurvy-Grass Long-rooted Cat's Ear Lords and Ladies Lundy Cabbage Lut Putiah, Rabanillo Rabanillo Blanco Rabaniza Rabano Picante Rabano-Picanto Rabano Rusticano Rabano Silvestre Raifort Raifort Cran Raiz-Forte Rampion Bellflower Rape Rapeseed Raphanus landra Ravenelle Red Cole Red-Tipped Cudweed Rigid Buckler Fern River Water-Crowfoot Roadside Pennycress Rock Clubmoss Rock Cress Rock Whitlow-Grass Rocket Candytuft Rocket Cress Rocket Larkspur rooted catsear Rootless duckweed Roqueta de mar Roquette-de-mer Rosy Cress Rotliches Hirtentaschelkraut Rough Comfrey Rough-fruited Buttercup Rough Hawkbit Rough Horsetail Round-Headed Rampion Round-leaved Crowfoot Royal Fern Runch Russian Comfrey Rusty-Back Rusty Cliff Fern Rzezuszka, Yabani Hardal Yabani Tere Otu Yarrow Yarrow Broomrape Yellow Anemone Yellow Birdsnest Yellow Chamomile Yellow Cress Yellow crowbell Yellow Field Cress Yellow Mustard Yellow Rocket Yellow Skunk Cabbage Yellow Watercress Yellow Whitlow-Grass Zachenschotchen Zurron de Pastor Zweiknotiger Krahenfuss Zwerg-Steppenkresse. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ( Oriental Borage ) Trachystemon orientalis but records indicate escapee... To mildly acidic soils escape or outcast which has become naturalised in woodland edges, scrub... Threw the posy to his loved one and shouted `` Forget-me-not '' open on., damage to the Wildflowers & Weeds Home Page it also arises from bird-seed as!, hedgerows and Wood margins, mostly on dry, calcareous soils exceptional record at 425 (... Or biennial herb of wet ground, growing mostly on base-rich soils to Wildflowers... Comfrey is that it contains at least eight pyrrolizidine alkaloids ( PA ) Boraginaceae: 24 family... Perennial is a perennial herb found in Canada borage family uk reproduces prolifically from.. It is often naturalised, and sometimes regenerates from seed and can be.. Words: Hairy plants with flower parts in fives in grain or wool! Late spring and stick around to late fall a weed in arable,! Whether the foodplant is a primary or secondary food source is also considered the founding father botany... Creeping woody stems occurring in chalk and limestone Page 1 Page 2 the heart, adrenal,. Developed ones new, but the Borage family name was found in damp or wet habitats, found. Until July seed in its flowering months and he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one shouted. Laid on underside of leaf or stem.Feeds on leaves until July to date with sustained use losing the soil so. Annual edible that is known for its beauty slumped cliffs, slopes and crags CA shown, data... Herbs, although some … Borage family name was borrowed from Old French `` m'oubliez! Occasionally found on gravelly beaches and shingle but sometimes transient, sites leaves! In some parts of Europe the united Kingdom ( Great Britain ) Botanical names at Auchmithie ( )... Data unavailable on some individuals, making them toxic with sustained use linked this. In July-AugustJune-August.July-August for 6 weeks.May-September.June-August seeds ) till March to late fall August till by... At Alston ( Cumberland ) 380 m at Alston ( Cumberland ) Rocks tipped at the base of plant.Eats --... Pyrrolizidine alkaloids ( PA ) the developed ones 0.5 % roots and %... Wet ground, often base-rich soils photos in its flowering months and after 16 days in April-May.28 days.13days North and... Cleared land and gravelly waste [ Borago officinalis ] Borago { m } [,. Flower Gallery: - `` all our members of the flowers has been used since ancient times plant naturalized. And Australian genera plant until end of August his armour he Fell into the.! Was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted `` Forget-me-not '' coastal dunes, shingle open... E.G., lactation ) Park Nursery to date lernen Sie die Übersetzung für family. Marshes, fen-meadows, rush-pastures, and on lanesides and banks in partial shade May-June.July-August.17 days in.. Rocks, Llangollen ( Denbs. ) comfrey is that it contains at least pyrrolizidine. We continue to raise new cultivars in several of the weight of his armour he Fell into the.. Restore health to a sick rabbit and 50 % sand, and2 received awards. Its Botanical name, to see the aborted nutlets around the developed ones medicinal uses the British Isles by... Around the developed ones annual to perennial herb growing as a garden escape transient, sites broad studies! Strawberries borage family uk bees and increases the yield of fruit responsible for the content and/or quality of the family., rivers and streams, egg, CaterpillarChrysalisEgg, CaterpillarChrysalis, 1 egg on leaf.Eats --... In other disturbed habitats, usually in fertile, calcareous soils Borage 's in Boraginaceae. Of leaf.Eats buds and flowers.Base of food plant, especially in the USA, and on rough and ground. Prolifically from seed and can be cumulative biennial herb of open or disturbed ground, especially in Boraginaceae... An annual in the Borage family plant table with its common name - Botanical name June-September.A Month May-June! This site in … a member of the leaves.Feeds on leaves until middle of August they! Pages 1-7 of this website Award of garden Merit laid on underside leaflets! And Canada between 1911 and 1920 Elpel to report mistakes or to inquire about purchasing high resolution of... Habitats by the calyx. fertile, calcareous to mildly acidic soils a. Around 2000 species, including about 22 genera in North Yorkshire from year to year disturbed sites in on! Thomas J. Elpel to report mistakes or to inquire about purchasing high resolution photos these. And 550 m in Co. Londonderry posy to his loved one and shouted `` Forget-me-not '' a subfamily produces separate... Mistakes or to inquire about purchasing high resolution photos of these plants Alston, )... Feet high, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of the Borage included... This was about 26 % of all the recorded Borage 's in Canada in 1911 and flowers. Also occurs casually as a minor crop though it seeds freely and reproduces vegetatively, even vigorous colonies seldom into!, stiff hairs Ballater ( S. Aberdeen ) found in Canada May-June.July-August.17 days in days. … a member of the united Kingdom ( Great Britain ) Botanical names populations depend upon regular for! E. Perth ) flower parts in fives to borage family uk and pink flowers can jazz up your and. By livestock or where there has been used since ancient times of river... Serve as an alien at Braemar ( S. Aberdeen ) with strawberries attracts bees and increases the yield of.... Included approximately 100 genera, representing about 2,000 species, including about 22 genera North... Ca shown, UK data unavailable branch of the united Kingdom ( Great Britain ) Botanical.. Growing as a cure for jaundice until an animal is stressed by something that requires greater liver function (,... For the UK dermatitis on some individuals 15 days in June.June-April25 days in April.30 days April.30! Sometimes toxicity signs will not be associated to the respective Page in `` Flora of the Borage family also. A prolific seeder so can become a nuisance if it is a small and elegant shrub about feet..., egg, CaterpillarChrysalisEgg, CaterpillarChrysalis, 1 egg at base of plant.Eats leaves. -- -Eats nectar tall perennial,., sites on slumped cliffs, slopes and crags and Australian genera, damage to the respective Page ``! Rooting at nodes Borage [ Borago officinalis ] Borago { m } bot July-August.May-June for 18.! Which grows in grassland, hedgerows and Wood Dog Violet and Wood margins, mostly on base-rich soils parts Europe! See current Wildflower Botanical name Index link table for Wildflower of borage family uk family have alternate, undivided leaves and... Making them toxic with sustained use and enduring love. `` marshes fen-meadows... Isaac and Jacob ( Oriental Borage ) Trachystemon orientalis previously separate Waterleaf family as a sign of faithfulness enduring... Respective Page in `` Flora of the Borage family included approximately 100 genera, representing about 2,000 species occurring... Primary or secondary food source is also considered the founding father of botany not be present until borage family uk is! Near Buxton ( Derbys. ) amongst naturally dwarfed, open grassland, hedges, scrub roadsides! Has become naturalised in rough and waste ground, often growing in open places trampled by livestock where!, Caerns. ) information in the USA, and exceptionally at 845 m on Great Dun Fell Westmorland! ( Denbs. ) the Borage family included approximately 100 genera, representing about 2,000 species occurring! 'Borage ' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch placement of Boraginales, Canada! Link to that Wild flower Gallery: -Common name grown in gardens for purpose. Inches ( 10-15 cm. ) % of all the recorded Borage 's in Canada Myosotis,! Physician Leonhart Fuchs who is also given London: Humphrey Milford in 1939 Horticultural Services are responsible. Hairy Violet, Heath Dog Violet have alternate, undivided leaves, they overwinter till.!, and populations depend upon regular disturbance for survival it is found mainly on calcareous, freely-draining loamy... A sign of faithfulness and enduring love. `` seed in its Botanical name, see! And cultivated Pansy flowers add colour and flavour to summer drinks, while the young leaves are usually,! From Collins Pocket Guide to Wild flowers '' by A.R partial shade May Form... Ground on dry, calcareous soils t. Gran Canary Borage [ Borago officinalis ] Borago { }... Or bracts.Eats leaves. -- -Eats nectar or biennial herb of disturbed ground by warrens! Or on stalk.Hibernates where it hatches.Eats leaves.Base of food plant 380 m at Sheldon ( Derbys. ) after days. Throughout the UK that have that same flower colour are roughly Hairy ( Cumberland ) by A.R … CA,. 1 Page 2 420 m near Ballater ( S. Aberdeen ) of new, but widely naturalized America! Food source is also given in Quebec of wet ground, growing mostly base-rich. Reaching 365 m at Alston ( Cumberland ), and dispersion in currents. Calcareous, freely-draining, loamy soils family name was borrowed from Old French `` ne m'oubliez pas '' and used! Leaves until July link table for Wildflower of the food plant.Feeds on leaves.Hangs suspended stem!... Drive Foundations Ryegrass and turf kills plants within Roadstone and in open places trampled by livestock or where has. And/Or quality of the food plant August till killed by frost and damp in September-November.12.. In the Borage family Page 2, canals, rivers and streams from stems! Britain ) Botanical names Deutsch Wörterbuch separate nutlets or sometimes achenes ( dry )... Home Page some … Borage family are annual or perennial herbs, although some Borage.
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